Alessandro Mirizzi

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“The separation of science and non-science is not only artificial but also detrimental to the advancement of knowledge. If we want to understand nature, if we want to master our physical surroundings, then we must use all ideas, all methods, and not just a small selection of them.”

“Reading a wave” from Italo Calvino “Mr. Palomar” inspires by the book of Williard Bascom: “Waves and Beaches: The Powerful dynamics of Sea and Coastes”

How to paint Sunlight

“All I wanted to do was paint sunlight on the side of a house,” said Edward Hopper (or words to that effect), and there have been legions of poets and filmmakers obsessed with light. I would side with the irrational visionary romantic who says light came first, and darkness but a fleeting shadow to be swept away with more light. (“More light!” cried the great poet, dying.). Poets and painters are the natural bearers of it, and all I ever wanted to do was paint light on the walls of life.”

My translation in Italian of some poems of Lawrence Ferlinghetti 

In particular, dedicated to my students: “Challenges to young poets” and my translation 

“Wake up and pee, the world’s on fire.”

Pizzas for Physicists

“I sound my barbaric yawp over the roofs of the world.”

Hope your road is a long one…

… May there be many summer mornings

Ithaca by Konstantin Kavafis

"Go slow and love the pauses that enable us to see the road we have covered, feel the weariness, conquer our limbs"

Il pensiero meridiano

Lentius, Profundius, Soavius

Indian Nocturne by Antonio Tabucchi

“E il mio maestro m’insegnò com’è difficile trovare l’alba dentro l’imbrunire”